Perfect Face Solution

Here is a more detailed explanation of how our face products actually work, directly from the experience of our Owner, Lynn Vining:  


The Perfect Face Solution

perfface-white.jpgFor decades, I suffered with an oily t-zone on my face (that’s just one of my skin concerns).  The prescriptions and over-the-counter products that I used only gave me a few hours per day of relief, and oddly enough, these so-called solutions actually perpetuated the problem.  It wasn’t until I studied the science behind the skin/brain connection, that I was able to come up with a balanced solution.  Whether you have oily, dry, or normal skin, the answer to perfectly balanced skin is in part created by using 100% natural ingredients!  After much research, I’m able to share my Perfect Face Solution with YOU!       

The Skin/Brain Connection:  The skin is the largest organ and first line of protection for the entire body.  Part of that protection comes in the form of a thin layer of healthy, balanced sebum (the oil on our skin).  When the sebum is disrupted, the brain will signal the glands to create more or less sebum accordingly, resulting in oily, normal, or dry skin.  For instance, if you have oily skin, it seems logical to utilize skin care products that strip the oil off of your face (alcohol based astringents, drying soaps, etc.).  But, in doing so, the brain recognizes that your skin is missing the protective layer of sebum, and subsequently signals the glands to produce MORE sebum.  Repeat this action day after day and the brain/skin connection gets into a regular routine of OVER-PRODUCING sebum.  For those of us with oily skin, this is NOT the desired result we are seeking.         

Balanced Changes:  Change how you clean & moisturize your face.  Whether you are oily, normal, or dry, take 1 to 2 weeks to reprogram the brain/skin connection & restore a more balanced state by using the correct ingredients. Complement the way your skin was intended to function instead of fighting it.  The result:  Your skin will feel fantastic and will have a healthy glow. 

Step One:  Clean your face without stripping the necessary sebum.  The Butter Bath Company’s NEW-FACE™ SCRUB cleans, softens, and exfoliates your face beautifully without stripping the healthy, vital sebum.   It’s all about the choice of 100% natural ingredients:  1- Baking soda:  changes the pH level to help fight bacteria; 2- Kaolin clay: pulls out impurities in the pores; 3- Goat’s Milk & Buttermilk: are natural skin softeners; 4- Colloidal Oatmeal: soothes irritations; 5- Lavender, Carrot Seed, & Frankincense:  helps with blemishes, aging skin, and cell regeneration.  Step One, using our New-Face™ Scrub, should be done at least once a day, and is gentle enough to be used twice a day by most ages & skin types.  

Step Two:  Lightly moisturize with 100% natural ingredients that are perfectly blended to complement your skin’s natural sebum.  When you enhance the natural sebum appropriately for several weeks, the brain will recognize the change, will make adjustments, and will produce a more balanced amount of sebum.  For those with oily skin, this step seems counter-intuitive, but, it DOES WORK.  Each time you complete the cleansing process in Step One, The Butter Bath Company® recommends using 1 to 3 drops of our SILKY FACE™ SERUM on your face and neck, and 1 to 2 drops of our BEAUTIFUL EYES SERUM around your eyes.  A tiny bit of both of these products goes a LONG WAYS!  Again, balance is created by the selection of 100% natural ingredients:  1- Borage Seed (in both products): is similar to and complements your skin’s natural sebum perfectly, it does not clog pores, and it is creates a rejuvenating affect;  2- Three Lavenders: helps fight blemishes (in our Silky Face™ Serum);  3- Carrot Seed: regenerates tissues around the eyes (in our Beautiful Eyes Serum).  Step Two products should always follow Step One, but they can be used alone, as desired (after you have achieved balance, after about 2 weeks of initial use).         

Patience:  For the average person, it will only take a few days for your brain/skin connection to self-correct.  But, some people may need to push through as long as 2 weeks before the full transition occurs.  Have patience... You will LOVE the results - it is SO worth the wait!  Balanced skin, healthy glow, fantastic feeling face, and all by only using 100% natural ingredients!  And, as always, there is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products from The Butter Bath Company®!  Spa moments, not blah moments… balanced perfection for your face & body with The Butter Bath Company®!