About Us

Welcome to The Butter Bath Company!

At The Butter Bath Company, we create the most incredible 100% natural face & body care products that you will ever experience!  

We are dedicated to using only 100% pure, fresh, & natural ingredients - never any synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, or fake fragrances.  Our superb selection of natural ingredients has resulted in The Butter Bath Company being able to design a skincare line that achieves balanced & healthy skin for the majority of skin types.

It is our philosophy that you should love what you put on your skin, or you shouldn't be using anything at all.  Because of the way we formulate  our products, we expect that you will love them, but if you don't, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   

Happy shopping & please let us know if we can assist you with your personal skincare questions.  

A Brief History

The Butter Bath Company's is located near the foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, in Greenville, SC. 

A number of years ago, out of her own unmet needs & desires, Lynn Vining, Owner of The Butter Bath Company, Ltd. Co., began researching natural ingredients, in the hopes of finally finding a solution for her extremely sensitive, dry, itchy skin.  Utilizing pure, fresh, & natural ingredients, she created a few products that she adored.  After giving some items away as gifts, the response was overwhelming.  So in 2008, she began The Butter Bath Company.  Lynn's promise is to never compromise!  She only uses the very best of God's perfect & natural ingredients in each & every product.  Now, she is totally passionate about sharing awesome skincare products with the entire world.                    

The Butter Bath Company’s products are all hand-crafted in the USA under very strict manufacturing guidelines & regulations as set forth by the FDASC Department of Agriculture.  Additionally, our products are SC Certified Products through the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.  

"It's all about God's perfect ingredients!  You should LOVE what you put on your skin... if you don't love it, you shouldn't use it!", as stated by our owner, Lynn Vining.