The Butter Bath Company® has been known for years for our exquisite, all-natural formulas; But, over the years we have encountered individuals with extremely specific needs that may limit them in their choices. Therefore, we have our butterbathBASICS line available for those who simply want to experience ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT.

No frills, nothing fancy, no aroma other than what that single ingredient emits. But none-the-less there is simplistic beauty & benefits associated with each single ingredient in our butterbathBASICS line. These single ingredients can be utilized in conjunction with a few drops of essential oil, or can be combined with other ingredients, and even can be utilized in conjunction with other Butter Bath® products for your own spin on our incredible formulas. 

Our butterbathBASICS line won't take the place of our amazing face and body care formulas, but we believe in the ingredients - Even if it is only ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT that is blessing your skin.