Over the years we have offered wholesale pricing to retailers, such as Whole Foods Markets.  But, since 2008, we have evolved into primarily an online shop, and as the cost of our superior raw ingredients has continued to increase, we have slowly shifted from being what is classified as a wholesale/retailer, to simply offering wholesale costs directly to our customers!  This decision was made with the best interest of our loyal customers in mind.  Therefore, at this time, everybody who orders from The Butter Bath Company® is getting what we classify as WHOLESALE PRICING.  It was a difficult and slow transition, but we believe that this makes the most incredible Butter Bath products available and affordable to as many people as possible.  And after all, it is our CUSTOMERS that have helped us to grow and thrive - so why not elimate the brick & mortar mark-ups.     

We still continue to welcome retailers, however, we can only offer a minimal volume discount for products purchased for resale, due to the fact that, please refer to our current online wholesale pricing when considering entering into a retail relationship with The Butter Bath Company®.  Please feel free to contact us for further discussion by using our CONTACT FORM to make your inquiry.  To expedite your request, please include the following information.            

Please forward the following information to verify your RETAIL STATUS:   

  • Your Name and title   
  • Business Name, Address, & Contact Information   
  • Retail License Information (State, License #, and Dates)
  • Please indicate the products you have an interest in carrying, along with initial order quantities, and any questions you may have regarding our products.