Covering the USA

Thanks to our AMAZING Butter Bath fans, we have been covering the United States of America ONE STATE AT A TIME!

Currently, we have customers in 29 states, including Alaska and Hawaii! The states displayed in green on the map below show where Butter Bath Company® currently has customers and ships to right now.   

We also are proud to say that we have shipped to our troops overseas and would like to say, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!" to all of our Patriots, active duty & retired!  Because of you, we live in the greatest country in the world!

As of July 12, 2015, we began our NEW STATES GIFT program.  We will send a special free gift to the first new customer from each new state added to our list (the blank/white states shown below).  And, if you are an existing customer in a green state, and decide to order and ship Butter Bath to someone in a white state, we will send BOTH of you a free gift!  Calling all Butter Bath fans to help us fill up the map by sharing with your friends and families!