Care & Storage

TIPS for a long shelf-life:

As stated by the FDA, "Among other cosmetics that are likely to have an unusually short shelf life are certain "all natural" products that may contain plant-derived substances conducive to microbial growth. It also is important for consumers and manufacturers to consider the increased risk of contamination in products that contain non-traditional preservatives, or no preservatives at all."      

The Butter Bath Company uses only 100% natural ingredients in our products.  We do not use chemical/synthetic preservatives.  We choose alternative ingredients, such as pure essential oils, which possess antimicrobial and/or preservative-like benefits, in a safe & natural way.     

As a rule of thumb, when properly cared for, The Butter Bath Company's natural face & body care products will have a shelf-life of at least 12 months (as indicated on item label)   

To extend the life of your natural products, follow these guidelines:  Avoid contamination, taking special care to not introduce WATER into any of our products (water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria & mold). Avoid exposing products to air by keeping containers properly closed when not in use.  Avoid subjecting natural products to environmental changes & extremes, such as HEAT, COLD, SUNLIGHT.  Please note that with any of our SOLID BUTTER PRODUCTS, heat will MELT the butters;  When they re-solidify, even though they still may be safe to use, their consistency may change somewhat, becoming more gritty in texture.  For our LIP BUTTERS, cooler temperatures can cause the exfoliating factor to become even more granular;  If you want to smooth out the excess granularness, simply add a touch of warmth - either put it in your pocket for a few hours, so that your body heat will soften it, or place it in the microwave for approximately 15 - 20 seconds to soften the butter again.  Proper care can greatly extend the shelf-life of all natural products.     

As is the case with all natural products, the ingredients will eventually experience deterioration, and can even go bad.  If a product develops an uncharacteristic appearance or odor,  DISCONTINUE USING IT.    

MEDICAL NOTE: Even though we use food grade ingredients in the production of our face & body care products, we have designed our products for external use only, and state that they should not be consumed internally.  KEEP all of our products out of the REACH OF CHILDREN.  For persons with specific medical conditions, woman who are pregant, or persons with topical skin conditions, please consult your physician prior to using any body care products, including those from The Butter Bath Company.  If at any time you experience any type of irritation or any other problem that may be associated with the use of our products, please discontinue using our products and seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.  If you have additional questions about our products, please contact The Butter Bath Company, Ltd. Co. personally.  Thank you & we hope that you enjoy our natural products for years to come!